Nexus 96/384 Pipettor (For Corning One Touch Tip)


MFL has designed Nexus 96 for speed, accuracy and ease of use.
By understanding how researchers work and how high-throughput
pipetting fits into a lab’s overall workflow, we designed Nexus
96 to deliver extraordinary accuracy and precision, with exceptionally
good ergonomics and requiring virtually no training.
• One machine & Six heads – Nexus 96 can easily changes it
head in 10 seconds. Each head has different ranges. 0.5-24
μL range has two version, 96 channels and 384 channels
• Five volume ranges –0.5-24 μL, 1-50 μL 5-240 μL 10-900
μL 10-1250 μL, Each head offers excellent accuracy and precision.
• Simultaneous 96-well and 384 pipetting – compared to single-
and multi-channel pipettes, Nexus 96 fills 96 wells and
384 wells in a single pass, and virtually eliminates the risk of
skipping or repeating wells.
• Versatile for different applications – validated in most common
life science applications, Nexus 96 accelerates experiments
like cell seeding, ELISA and qPCR without sacrificing
data quality.
• Reliable and affordable – manufactured by MFL(ISO9001)to
exceptionally high quality and performance standards. Nexus
96 is priced well within reach of every research project.